The New Design of the Victoria Logistic Magazine and Website

Victoria Logistic, a Victoria Group member company, publishes the agricultural magazine “Za našu zemlju” (“For Our Land”) each month. A fresh design marked the beginning of the fifth year for this magazine, 3000 copies of which are printed and distributed to business partners and agricultural producers across our country, and it is also sent electronically to over 1000 e-mail addresses. The magazine deals with current topics in the field of agriculture, and it shares the experiences of agricultural producers. It also publishes information on what the company is currently offering, as well as field reports, recommendations, and expert advice.

At the same time, this content can be found on the company’s website, which was redesigned in March after its integration with the Agroteam web portal. All the content can now be found exclusively on the website, which is updated daily. The website offers business news and company information, as well as professional agricultural contents: agricultural news, commodity exchange reports, meteorological data, a calculator for calculating the necessary seed quantities etc.