The Sowing of Spring Crops in Full Swing

The snow and other heavy precipitation during March resulted in postponing the sowing of spring crops, but on the other hand this has compensated for the lack of soil moisture.

Depending on the region, the type of soil and how it had been prepared, the sowing of spring crops began in early April.

According to the preliminary predictions, and regardless of the decrease in yield in 2017, soybeans will take up between 230 and 250 thousand hectares this year, which means that the producers’ interest in this plant continues to grow.

Sunflower will be sown on around 250,000 hectares, since this plant displayed production stability and lesser dependency on weather conditions last year.

Corn will traditionally cover the largest area – at least 900,000 hectares across Serbia.

In some regions where the soil is lighter and the preparation for sowing was done earlier, the sowing has been completed on 20-30% of the area, and in other regions it is 10-15% complete.