Victoria Logistic discusses seed reception and drying at the 2017 PTEP Conference

Two events, the 5th International Conference of Sustainable Postharvest and Food Technologies (INOPTEP 2017) and the 29th National Conference of Processing and Energy in Agriculture (PTEP 2017) were held simultaneously in Vršac, from April 23 to April 28.

These two events, organized by the National Society of Processing and Energy in Agriculture and the Faculty of Agriculture from Novi Sad, gathered 166 attendees, and more than 150 papers on current problems in this field were presented. The National Conference was attended by around 100 representatives of agricultural producers and companies, agricultural products drying and storage centers, seed centers, the food industry and animal feed producers, as well as equipment manufacturers and transport companies. This international event gathered delegates from 22 countries.

This year, the Seminar for technologists and silo and seed processing managers was once again an integral part of the Conference. Three Victoria Group companies – Victoria Logistic, Victoriaoil, and Sojaprotein participated in this gathering, and Nemanja Ivković, Silo Maintenance Department Manager at Victoria Logistic, held a presentation on the receipt and drying of seeds in this company in 2016.